Ying Wang


Ying Wang graduated from the Acupuncture Department of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1992. He was invited to the UK for work and teaching in 2001.

He is a professor of acupuncture at the UK Academy of Chinese Medicine. Served as the executive vice president of the Overseas Alumni Association of Shandong University of TCM a distinguished expert of the French Association of TCM and from the Swiss University of Chinese Medicine. The general manager of the overseas acupuncture technology development team \”Acupuncture Dream Factory.

He is dedicated to global promotion and training in abdominal diagnosis acupuncture. And published many articles.

Introduction To The Method of Warming and Cooling Needles

The method of warming and cooling needles is an invention of Guo Song Peng and Li Yu Jie, two teachers at The Acupuncture DreamWorks. They studied the traditional compound acupuncture operation methods \”burning mountain fire\” and \”Penetrating heaven cool\” to respond to the cooling and heat of the body. A new needling method was invented after a comprehensive physiological structure and functional analysis, which they named the Simple ‘Burn-Penetrate’ needling technique. They simplified the complicated traditional acupuncture operation into the most basic techniques of pressing and lifting, and directly showed the basic principle that acupuncture will cause the body to produce a cool response. Moreover, this acupuncture technique has two characteristics, it is simple to perform and easy to reproduce. In clinical practice, 

This warming acupuncture method can be applied to any cold, damp, or deficiency diseases and various blood stasis syndromes. This cooling needling method can be applied to any case of heat syndrome and restlessness. According to the pathogenesis and physical condition of the patient, we can use two acupuncture methods on the same patient at the same time in clinical practice. 

it can be used alone or in combination with other acupuncture methods, which can further improve the effect of clinical treatment.

 Keywords: Burn Mountain on fire;  penetrating heaven in cooling; Acupuncture