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“Taking academic exchanges as the center, aiming to improve the overall academic level of the Chinese medicine and acupuncture industry” is one of the tenets of TCMAAA. In this section, we will present the thesis and academic results of TCM experts for you all. TCM has a long history and profound heritage, and is a discipline that combines theory with practice. “Stones from other mountains can attack jade”. With the development of technology, basic research in traditional Chinese medicine also needs modern methods and means, such as evidence-based medicine, to better interpret in modern languages; Convince the public.

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Dr Fan Ye

TCM Physician / Licensed Acupuncturist, Director of TCMAAA Clinical Research Department

In October 2014, JAMA published an article by Dr. Hinman and his colleagues, which concluded that acupuncture was ineffective for chronic knee pain, causing negative effects. Traditional Chinese medicine experts around the world have taken the initiative and come up with evidence to the contrary. Dr. Fan Yan also published a series of refutation articles on Elsevier for this purpose, which is reproduced here.