Ruan Jin Zhao


Ruan Jin Zhao

Director and owner of The Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Inc.  He has practiced TCM for over 40 years with great clinical satisfaction.  He graduated from Beijing University of TCM and Pharmacy with a Ph.D. He has followed the great medicinal sage Pro. Du Zhou Liu for six years. He has dedicated and focused on Viral disease, autoimmune disease, and clinical oncology research, establishing She Xiang Therapy for cancer treatment. He is an affiliated research member of H. Lee. Moffitt Cancer Center. He was recommended as a clinical specialist of Beijing University of TCM and Pharmacy and an abroad professor for Henan University of TCM & Pharmacy. He has published many research papers and author of a book <<From Legend to Science>>. He was the co-founder of East West College of Natural Medicine. He is the supervisor and professor for Ph.D. program students in two acupuncture schools.  He has been very active in clinical practice, teaching students and lab. research work. 

Acupoints Selection and Needling Program Techniques in Current Clinical Oncology 

As clinical research progresses, acupuncture therapy is increasingly recognized as a valuable adjuvant approach in oncology, benefiting more cancer patients. Oncologists are embracing acupuncture due to its non-medicinal nature. Initially, acupuncture was acknowledged for alleviating chemotherapy or radiotherapy side effects like GI symptoms, dry mouth, peripheral neuropathy, fatigue, and mental health issues. 

The clinical application of acupuncture remains challenging as it requires precise selection of acupoints and needle manipulation to generate the accurate signals and responses. Addressing this challenge requires a dedication to understanding acupuncture theory and an establishing a clinical guideline.

With over forty years of experience, the Lecturer integrates biophysical principles with acupuncture techniques, developing his own theoretical framework and concrete techniques to guide clinical practice.

Further research will elucidate how acupuncture interventions can optimize conventional oncology treatments.