“Centered on academic exchange, aiming to improve the overall academic level of the TCM and acupuncture profession” is one of the purposes of TCMAAA. In this section, we will present papers and academic achievements of TCM experts for all fellow practitioners. Chinese medicine has a constant history and profound heritage, and is a discipline with a high degree of integration of theory and practice. “With the development of technology, the basic research of TCM needs to be better interpreted in modern language with the help of modern methods and tools, such as evidence-based medicine; and to educate fellow practitioners and convince the public.


President Haihe Tian

Message from President Haihe Tian

Dear Alumni.

Hello everyone! Welcome to our website, we all have some common characteristics, that is, we all graduated from formal Chinese medical schools, received similar college-style education, studied the same courses, used the same textbooks, have a background in Western medical training, went to hospital internships, rotated through various departments, some have also worked with famous teachers, in addition to having received a bachelor’s degree, were also awarded a master’s degree, or even a doctorate, after graduation, both Chinese and Western legs to walk, dealt with After graduation, they have both Chinese and Western legs, and have dealt with all kinds of difficult and complicated cases. Most of them are now successful in their careers, have opened their own private clinics, have some academic insight, or have even become academic authorities. But all day long, we are mainly busy in our own small clinics, there is a loss of communication with the outside world, we need to communicate with some like-minded friends. We need to communicate with like-minded people. It happens that the WeChat group provides us with such a good platform for mutual communication…



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